Adam Northcroft
Ashburnham - we're all going. Are you coming?

Delighted to see that 65 people have so far signed up to come to Ashburnham, the church weekend away this August. That's a good number, although there is still time to book in if you haven't yet. And if you are wondering whether to come, I'd urge you to be there.

Being away together as a church is not only a good laugh, it also has real and lasting benefits. As we spend time together new friendships are formed and existing relationships can go deeper.

I am also convinced that connecting with New Ground (our wider church family and event organiser) helps us see the bigger picture and gets you involved beyond narrow, local boundaries. 

Jesus told us to go to the nations, something that we'll struggle to do without the help of others. But New Ground is already in a range of other nations and has a number of church plants that we can pray for, support or even become part of ourselves.

This August (25-28th) well over 2,000 people will gather to worship God and be inspired by great teaching. Do come and be a part of it!

Booking details for Ashburnham 2017 are found at