Adam Northcroft
Okay. We'll be doing things differently for a while…

In light of recent unprecedent events, Hope Church will be doing church very differently over the next little while.

We’ve taken the decision to not meet on Sundays or during the week as part of the national effort to avoid large gatherings and so help defeat Coronavirus.

This will remain in place for a month, then be reviewed and possibly extended if required, depending on Government advice at the time.

While not meeting to worship corporately and enjoy each other’s company will feel distinctly strange, it is important to recognise that church isn’t stopping, just changing.

We are looking at a range of ways to communicate online and will attempt to make those known as they become available, including online sermons and worship. New environments demand new ways of doing things and we are all learning how to do this as we go.

Perhaps it is even more important to recognise that our community needs us at this time. It needs us to express care like never before. The elderly and the vulnerable will be subject to long periods of isolation while others have been deeply shaken by recent events, so let’s pray God will show us how to love them.

People also need to see the hope that we have. In Christ we have a hope that goes far beyond this life. We can be at peace in a way that will seem very strange but also appealing to others when they see it. Let’s also pray for opportunities to share the hope and peace that comes through our relationship with Jesus.

Who knows, maybe this difficult time will enable the church to show its true colours and come out from behind its walls like never before.

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