Adam Northcroft
It’s different, but Afternoon Church is great!

Well, it’s started! After some months of chatting, planning and head-scratching, Hope Church has launched its Afternoon service.

Last Sunday we offered people a double-dose of delight, through a 4pm service as well as the regular time of 10am.

And while the afternoon service is monthly at the moment (next one October 21), we plan to go weekly by Spring if demand doesn’t hurry things along before then.

It was great to see over 100 people turn up, with lots preferring the later start since time on Sunday morning is increasingly difficult to find.

Busy sport clubs and other activities mean church is now competing in a highly sort-after slot and often loses out.

But church mustn't give up. Reaching people with the Gospel means being willing to adjust and not keep insisting we do the same old thing at the same old time.

Having said that, the Gospel message doesn’t change. The way we present it does, or times of services can vary, but the core Gospel remains constant.

However it is delivered people still urgently need to know there is a God; a real, true saviour that loves them and who died on a cross to forgive their sin.

The Bible is very clear, salvation is found in no-one else other than Jesus. And we all need it. 

No matter how busy we make our lives we still need a redeemer, one that can genuinely cleanse us from the guilt of wrong things we’ve done and who calls us to serve him as our King.

True life isn’t found in the rush of trying to create your perfect world, but it is found in God.

Why not come and find out more about the awesome, eternal God who loves you and can satisfy your soul.

We’re hear at 10am on Sundays… and now 4pm as well!