Adam Northcroft
What do you do with spiritual hunger?

Why does spirituality matter to so many people?

After over 100 years of aggressive secularism, surveys reveal half of the British population still believes in God and a further 20 per cent consider themselves spiritual if not religious.

It seems our need for the spiritual doesn’t diminish no matter how much we ignore it, belittle it or are told it is irrelevant.

Even if people don’t go to church, there remains a deep longing for something more, indicating we are hard-wired to connect with something beyond ourselves. This desire is far more than a simple need for mystery and wonder in our lives, and is, for many, an instinctive knowledge that the material world isn’t the whole picture.

The problem for the 70 per cent isn’t identifying the need for spiritual input, but knowing where to get that desire met. Just how do you satisfy spiritual hunger?

This difficulty is made worse when so many religions make claims about spirituality that are in direct opposition to each other, so how do you know which one is right?

Perhaps something Jesus said can help us identify the real thing - his words have after all been studied, tested and proven by many through the ages. He claimed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be satisfied.

What he means is that if you earnestly seek to know the real God for long enough, He will make himself known to you. And, you’ll know it’s real because your thirst will be quenched.

As a pastor, I know this is true. I have met or heard about people – of different faiths and no faith - that have humbly called out to God, or prayed simple prayers asking God to make Himself known to them, and Jesus has answered.

Not always with a booming voice from heaven maybe, but nevertheless with a clear and convincing answer spoken into the hearts of those who asked.

If you are spiritually hungry, I’d encourage you to seek. The bible teaches us to “taste” God to find out that He is good. If you want to enjoy the meal, you need to ask first.


*If you want to explore spiritual matters – I’d highly recommend Alpha. It’s a 10-week course that enables people to meet and discuss their thoughts about God, faith or the purpose of life in an unpressurised and friendly environment. They are run throughout the UK and the next one at Hope Church Sevenoaks begins towards the end of September.